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URS / 3 in 1:
Ultimate rolling solution
Rolling papers
+ Filter tips
+ Rolling tray
Ultimate Rolling Solution
or "URS" is our latest model and patent-protected design for a "roll your own" accessory. URS is a revolutionary accessory that combines papers, filter tips and a handy tray. URS will save you pocket space and you will always have all you need for excellent enjoyment of our product in one place. 


110 x 44mm papers
55 x 25mm filter tips

110 x 53mm papers 
55 x 25mm filter tips

URS 1 1/4   NEW 
76 x 44mm papers
39 x 19mm filter tips

55x 25mm 
55x 25mm cardboard filter tips
Rolls with filter tips
Roll Slim + Tips
Roll Wide + Tips
All of you who believe that length is important will enjoy our rolls in a package that also includes much-needed Ziggi filter tips. Roll as much as you need off the 4 metre-roll of the classic Ultra-thin Ziggi paper, slim or wide.


4000 X 44mm papers
49 x 20mm filter tips

4000 X 53mm papers
58 x 20mm filter tips
Wooden rolling tray
Since Ziggi is all about being natural, we made a handy tray from the genuine wood from Slovenian forests on which you can practice your rolling skills. 

The colour, form and size depend on the type of wood; all trays are handmade in Slovenia.
The size of Ziggi trays is about 16 × 10cm. 


Types of wood: pear, cherry, walnut, plum, acacia, etc.

cca 16 x 10cm

Grinder card
Grinder Card is a multi-purpose, stainless steel grinding card that is easy to use and is built with a slim fitting shape that fits in any pocket, wallet or purse.. 

You can finally leave your real credit card at home and just go to grind some herbs...
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