Pioneering since 1991

How It All Started?
Ziggi™ story started in the late '80s, when a youngster nicknamed Ziggi started to make filter tips for himself. Soon enough all of his friends wanted one and for some period of time, those filter tips were given-away for free. But it was impossible to keep up with the fast growing demand and give everything away, so the idea of manufacturing and selling filter tips was born.
At first they were hand made in small quantity and wrapped in a leather case with a ring for a key chain. Those were an instant hit and Ziggi™ got established as a quality brand. New ideas followed soon and at the break of a century first ever rolling papers with filter tips added were born.
Idea was so simple and yet revolutionary so it became overnight success.
Going Double
Ziggi took it step further and first double papers with tips were introduced. And not only the idea, but casings of all those papers were attractive too. One of our biggest hits was a multipack called Boys & Girls collection which combined four different designs of single and two designs of double papers with tips.
Get Your Own
Soon after the second Rasta Multipack followed. At around that time first custom (personalized) papers were made for a Dutch distributor Futurola, band Elvis Jackson and the producer of skiing and snowboarding equipment Elan.
Ultimate Idea
Our latest development is patent protected “Ultimate Rolling Solution” (URS™) and it truly is another step in rolling equipment invention that will come really handy when rolling outdoors. And we are already developing new products to satisfy all yourn needs!

LOOKING FORWARD                                
Year 2016 is coming to an end, we're keeping the highest quality standards available and we're excited to launch our new product in December 2016!